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001: Getting Unstuck in a Life that Never Stops Moving

What do you do when you feel absolutely stuck in life? How do you respond? In this week’s episode of Win Today, author/speaker Steve Backlund joins me to discuss this very issue and provide clear-cut strategies to getting your “why” back and reclaiming your purpose in a life that truly never stops moving.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • The Power of Feedback. Who has access to your life? Who is a trusted voice in your life?
  • The Power of Inner Fortitude. What’s your story? By identifying and realigning yourself with your “why,” you’ll gain the clarity to stay committed when circumstances look bleak.
  • The Power of Asking what’s the purpose of this season?
  • Keys to breaking-off the victim mentality.
  • Marquise C. Medal

    So awesome C.C.; what an accomplishment and excited for this journey of yours!