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008: Healing and Wholeness from Shame and Rejection

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In this episode, relationship coaches, Chris and Megan Rea explore difficult issues such as projection of rejection from the past, shame, and brokenness, and provide keys to healing so that we don’t take those issues into the present.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • Why a negative past relationship experience often keeps us stuck in isolation and excuses as it pertains to taking relationship risks again.
  • Why comparison and insecurity motivates men and women to lower their personal standards in choosing a mate.
  • Why the fear of being alone is so detrimental to one’s sense of worth.
  • Why the fear of rejection is so rampant in men today.
  • Our significant other is not equipped to be the solution to our brokenness.
  • When we operate from rejection, we have the propensity to attract people who reject us.
  • Your value as a person has not been diminished because of past mistakes.
  • Why the journey to healing from the past includes pain.