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010: See The Target, Hit The Target

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In order to hit a target, you have to see the target. How true is that if we don’t know where we’re aiming our life, there’s a good chance that we’ll live a fairly random life.

Listen, I know you want to live a life of significance.

Joining me again today is author Michael Komara to discuss seven key areas of life that if calibrated properly, will propel us into a life characterized by fulfillment and purpose and keep us on track when problems arise.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • If we continue to avoid or neglect seven key areas of life, it will be a matter of time before major cracks threaten our foundation.
  • Our faith walk is at the center of our success and significance. Why? Because what we believe determines our behavior.
  • How to live a holistic, integrated life instead of a compartmentalized life and why this is important for daily living.
  • Why inviting feedback into our life is critical for measuring our personal growth.
  • If we’re not honest with ourselves about our personal growth, we will miss the opportunity to maximize our potential.
  • How to live with an unfair advantage in life.
  • How to practice regular maintenance checks on your overall development as a person.