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011: Why You’ll Fall Flat Without Self-Leadership

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I’m blowing the whistle and calling for a team timeout. Too many of us are living passively and then sinking into discouragement about our current state of being. And behind it is a lack of self-leadership. But time is of the essence. So here’s my challenge: let’s step-up and be the leaders we’re supposed to be. On today’s show, author Michael Komara joins me today to teach you how to do just that.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • Living a life of significance is possible, but you have to want it more than you want your next breath. Why? Because the distractions of everyday life can easily cause drift if you aren’t intentional about focused growth.
  • When you aren’t tempted by excuses, you will have a greater vision for possibilities.
  • You don’t have know the end from the beginning but you do have to take the first step forward.
  • Taking the first step unlocks the resources necessary for the next step.
  • Victims of life settle and make excuses in life and then create an identity out of their lack.
  • Living a life of significance depends on how we view ourselves. Are you reactionary or a leader?
  • Self-leadership requires that we take ownership over our lives and stop making excuses.
  • Why taking calculated risks is critical for a life moving forward.