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016: Stop Waiting For Something To Happen And Make Something Happen

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Living life characterized by mediocrity and passivity cripples your capacity to dream and your ability to win in your everyday life. And you that it’s one thing to read about the success stories of various people, but it’s another thing to pull back the curtain of their lives and learn how they did it. In this week’s episode, business owner and financial advisor, George Wells, joins the conversation to discuss the daily decisions he makes to create meaningful, lasting success in his personal and professional life.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • Everyday, you need to review and train in order to set yourself up for success.
  • Why you should never let a new revelation become an institution.
  • Everyday, work as if everything is dependent upon you and believe as though everything is dependent upon the Lord.
  • Why you need to give an account for your daily growth and daily learning in order to measure your personal progress in life.
  • If you’re aware of your deficiencies, you have an opportunity to change them.
  • Why you may not be able to do everything, but you can do something.
  • Why self-awareness is critical for personal growth.
  • Why you must let your lifestyle lag your livelihood. Be a saver.
  • How to always look to invest in good soil.
  • Why you decide how you’re going to respond to adverse circumstances in life.
  • Rather than waiting for something to happen, make something happen.