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028: Navigating Through The Election With Hope (with Drew Neal)

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Next week, this kamikaze ride called the Presidential Election will be over, and we will have elected a new leader. I’ll bet most of us have been in bewilderment about our choices. And the intensity meter has been jacked-up even further after the FBI re-opened the email case involving Hillary Clinton over the weekend. You’re ready to vote now, right? In all seriousness, though, a lot of us have found ourselves wrapped-up in the drama of the election and in need of a little perspective. Which brings us here today. Joining us this week is director of Great Lakes School of Ministry, Drew Neal, and together, we’re going to develop a healthy perspective about the candidates, the issues, and the long-term direction of our nation.

Drew Neal’s Seven Points:

  1. God loves the people of America, but God isn’t an American.
  2. Believers, please stop fear vomiting on your keyboard. Go do something. Get a law degree or get informed. At a minimum, go vote. The strength of our democracy demands it.
  3. It’s impossible to hold God and country together as one, you hold them in tension.
  4. Abraham was a pagan liar, Moses had an anger problem, David was an adulterous murderer, Solomon had a sex addiction, Esther was a prostitute, Peter disavowed his faith in a public forum. They would have been great for TV and disqualified by the majority of the Christian population.
  5. God has been involved with broken leaders since the beginning of time. He’s not intimidated and the world won’t end with either candidate. This is a great nation with great people that are bigger than one person. I believe good overcomes evil.
  6. As believers, we hyper-protect things in the name of God as validation for our extreme behavior, but if this behavior is rooted in fear, it misrepresents God’s intentions completely.
  7. It’s time to change the way we think.  I’ll leave you with this quote that many of my friends say:  “Who ever has the most hope, has the most influence.”
  • Charlie Ellison

    Great episode, Chris! I liked you and Drew’s take on current events!