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032: Boys To Men, Part 2 of 2 (feat. Dave Bauer)

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I have a massive passion to see young men become the men God designed them to be. Yet I observe too many aging little boys who leave their “man card” on the shelf so-to-speak. What’s behind the lack of maturity? What’s behind the fear of commitment? What’s behind the fear of intimacy? In this episode, I’m diving into part two this topic with one of my key mentors, Dave Bauer.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • Why a young man’s desire to conquer is normal and healthy.
  • To be a man, a boy must see a man.
  • Why enmeshment between a mother and a son can hinder the development of the young man.
  • What does a boy need to grow into manhood? He needs to know what’s good about him.
  • Every young boy needs to know his area of strengths.
  • Every young boy needs to be corrected and confronted in order to grow.
  • Healthy respect and disagreement.
  • Why young boys don’t learn responsibility by accident.