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040: Pour Rocket Fuel On Your Career Potential (feat. Todd Adkins)

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This week, I’m continuing my conversation with Todd Adkins, the director of leadership development for LifeWay, one of the largest Christian resource distributors in the world. If you missed episode 39, please go download it. But today, Todd is going to pour rocket fuel on your career potential. We all want to be more effective on the job, right? Even if some of you are self-employed, I believe the principles Todd shares today are both practical and valuable for your day-to-day performance. Get ready to take some notes.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • Todd’s hiring targets: 1.) Be a learner. 2.) Have a great attitude. 3.) Possess a great work ethic.
  • If you just want a job, you’re in trouble. You have to find something you’re passionate about and something in which you’re willing to invest.
  • The secret to being a good developer is found in asking great questions.
  • We are addicted to interruption. And it’s killing our output.
  • One of the best things you can do for your personal development is to know yourself really well.
  • How to manage healthy confrontation. If your team can’t do a good impression of you, you’re probably not leading as effectively as you should.
  • How to effectively “lead up” and why you should never delegate a problem up.
  • If you’re not failing on a regular basis, you’re probably not doing much.
  • Success is learning how to stand atop your failures and not lay under them.
  • Why failure is simply another step on which to grow.
  • Don’t let your leader find out about your failure from someone else. Own up to your own mistakes. Credibility will grow!