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Why Your Routine is Dumping You in a Rut

Is your routine producing gainful progress in life or is the familiarity of your routine simply producing the blinding comfort of "same"?

Here’s a question you need to honestly answer: Is your routine producing gainful progress in life or is the familiarity of your routine simply producing the blinding comfort of “same”? Simply put, is your routine dumping you in a rut? I believe that nothing will undermine your lifelong potential faster […]

A Journey to Freedom from Anxiety

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I’m finally ready to tell you about a silent, invisible battle I’ve fought for the last three years: my battle with anxiety. Anxiety is no joke. It affects millions of people everyday, yet it is one that many people shy away from discussing openly. The treacherous part about it is […]

Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Are Absolutely Failing

ensure that your practice of setting meaningful goals comes from either a foundation of wholeness or the pursuit of wholeness in your life; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, and relationally. Go after those audacious goals, but know that as you pursue “more with purpose,” the fulfillment of your goals should reach far beyond yourself and touch the lives of those around you.

By now, most people are coming off their eggnog high and gearing-up for the new year, which includes the annual pre-game warm-up of setting new goals and aspirations for a brand new season of life. Deep down inside many of us is the belief that somehow, someway, this year is going to […]

4 Steps to Harnessing More Focus In Your Everyday Life

The discipline of focus is mission critical for a successful life. With it, you’ll stay on-course even when distractions come your way. Without it, you’ll slowly drift away from your greatest priority: living-out your life’s purpose.

Surveying the crowd, it appears as though the 1963 classic, It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, should easily be re-written, “it’s the most chaotic time of the year.” For one reason or another, the wheels seem to spin off of a lot of people’s lives in December. Call […]

My Top 3 “Non-Negotiables” for a Great Life

  Well hello there. I’m Megan, and welcome to my No Small Life. I’m passionate about injecting hope into people and see transformation take place in every area of peoples lives.  I believe in celebration and living above your circumstances AND… I couldn’t be more honored to be coming to you […]

How Do You Respond to an Absolutely Messy Life?

Setbacks, disappointment, unmet expectations, and even moments of personal crisis are unfortunately part of living in an imperfect world. While a fatalistic view of life sets the stage for hopelessness, equally detrimental is living in denial when bad things happen. In fact, deliberately avoiding pain and discomfort at any cost […]

Unlock the Strength You Need to Overcome this Disease

Millions of people around the world unknowingly suffer from an insidious disease known as “destination disease.” The most common symptom is the belief that when they achieve a goal, meet the right person, pay off their mortgage, graduate from school, make a certain amount of money, etc., they will be […]

5 Proven Effective Secrets to Enjoying a Great Night of Sleep

Getting regular, adequate sleep is amongst the most important factors in determining your overall quality of life, health, and daily productivity. In fact, regularly experiencing quality sleep reduces inflammation in your body, provides an optimal state for cellular repair, is a catalyst for greater creativity, aids in weight control and […]

Why Bitterness is Too Expensive (and How to Get Free)

What you eat is important, but what’s eating you has more of an impact upon your overall wellness than you may realize. Toxic thoughts and emotions left unchecked are like foreign terrorists living comfortably within the borders of your mind, body, and spirit; terrorists you’re tolerating. Constant physiological stress exacerbated by […]