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Why You Must Never Give Up

Last week, I encouraged you to set up the New Year for success using a few time-tested principles; principles I believe in wholeheartedly. And while that’s a great start, writing your goals down once isn’t the end of the story because the immediate emotional payoff of articulating aspirations for the […]

Is It Really a New Year (Or Just Another Year)?

A new year. A fresh start. A blank canvas. For some, it’s an opportunity embraced with joy and great expectation. For others, embarking upon a new year is absolutely terrifying, as anxiety-filled thoughts of “what might happen (or not happen)” overtake the precious creative space where hope-bathed possibilities of “what […]

8 Ways to Beat Procrastination & Eliminate Excuses

In her 2004 radio single, Excuses, Alanis Morissette penned words that read like the transcript of a counseling session with Dr. Phil: “These excuses how they served me so well. They’ve kept me safe, they’ve kept me stuck, they’ve kept me locked in my own cell. These excuses how they’re […]

Set the Plastic People Free (Reclaiming the Real You)

Beneath the surface of social acceptance, job satisfaction, financial peace, societal contribution, productivity, and great relationships is an underlying desire for validation and a search for personal significance. According to the 2013 Harris Poll Happiness Index, only 33% of Americans are happy. In addition, poorly managed stress, unemployment, underemployment, and […]

Endurance: Running through Life…Not Away from It

We live in an imperfect world that is populated by imperfect people and imperfect circumstances. Despite careful planning and best intentions, unforeseen detours and unavoidable obstacles will inevitably occur at some point in time. When you feel like you’re pinned down by the maladies of life, do you fall apart […]

When a Legacy is Born

It was an unseasonably warm week in late November 2012. Though the calendar indicated that the holiday season was upon us, it meant nothing, for my family’s world was under siege. The fiery explosion of autumn’s colors painted a backdrop for absolute horror to unfold before us in the most […]

The Power of Intentionality (and How to Harness it in Your Life)

If there is one thing that will jumpstart the momentum of your everyday life, I believe it’s intentionality. Whether you realize it or not, the majority of life is lived in-between significant events and milestone moments, not in them. If you discount the value of your everyday life, you’ll easily […]

3 Keys to Cultivating Hope Everyday

In our present culture, the word “hope” is used casually in statements such as, “I hope I get the promotion,” “I hope the weather is going to be nice this weekend,” “I hope this week goes by fast,” and so on. Even worse, because of past disappointment, it’s easy to have the mindset, if I […]