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043: Attraction, Rejection, and Looking For Love (feat. Chris and Megan Rea)

becoming the person you ultimately want to attract will take effort, commitment, and a whole lot of honesty, but it’ll be worth it. Know this: when you enter into any relationship, you do risk rejection simply because you cannot control the outcome. Nonetheless, risk anyway. Your heart will heal and become stronger. To boot, you’ll learn even more about the person you are today and the person you are becoming.

Imagine if we walked around wearing signs that read, “Reject me,” “I fear commitment,” “I’m a victim of life,” “I don’t like myself; you shouldn’t like me ether.” Ridiculous, right? Well as it turns out, that’s exactly what happens when we project fear, insecurity, victimization, rejection, insignificance, and shame onto other people through non-verbal and verbal communication. If we’re victims, we often attract rescuers. If we’re insecure, we often attract those who reject. And if we’re passive, we often lay a welcome mat for controllers. So how do you look for love in all the…right places? Find out this week as I’m joined once again by my good friends, Chris & Megan Rea.