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046: Becoming Friends with Pain (feat. Britnie Keane)

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When we recognize that the greatest level of fulfillment in life comes by way of adding value to others and being a contributor, our choices take on much greater significance. Yet, too many people get discouraged and stuck because of past personal defeat, disadvantages, and disappointments. Joining us today is Britnie Keane. She is the epitome of hard-work, an overcoming spirit, and a true contributor who is changing the lives of thousands across the globe through her multimillion dollar organization, Aerial Development Group. And today, she joins us to challenge and inspire us to overcome the disadvantages that threaten to keep us locked in mediocrity.

In this episode…

  • “You can’t play the same way you’ve always played and expect to get to the next level.”
  • “If you’re called to do something big and something that has never been done before, you will go through training so you can handle it successfully.”
  • You have one life to live. How will you invest your time? Who are you building? What will you do with your life?
  • Why you should write your eulogy today. The exercise of doing so will help create the clarity and focus you need to live an intentional life, one that is marked by significance and impact.
  • Ask yourself, “How am I staying inspired?” External stimuli and preoccupation with unimportant activities will derail you from reaching your full potential.
  • You’ll learn how to identify key opportunities and distractions in your life.
  • Why you should design a personal vision board.
  • Why no matter how beneficial your support system is, your total affirmation and personal value must come from God.
  • Why pain is your friend.
  • Why knowing (and consistently remember) your identity is fundamental for present and future life choices.
  • How to focus your life like a laser and finish what you start.
  • How to handle rejection.

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