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065: [ENCORE] Pulling-Back The Sheets On Pornography, Part 2

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Last week, we began a conversation around the subject of pornography. And as I said in the last episode, pornography is destroying relationships and the healthy identity of men and women alike. This week, you and I are going to be joined once again by my mentors, Dave and Connie Bauer, for part two of this discussion in which we are going to talk about steps to freedom from pornography as well as how to develop a healthy sexual identity.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • Why a believed lie empowers a lie to stay active and destructive in your life.
  • Why condemnation and shame can cause us to find our worth and value from outside sources such as pornography.
  • How to break free from shame.
  • What sexual purity actually is and how to pursue it.
  • The difference between changing your mind and changing your mindset.
  • Steps to finding freedom from pornography and promiscuity.
  • How pornography literally re-wires your brain.
  • How to invite accountability into your life.
  • How to be a safe place for other people.
  • Why willpower will never be the solution to finding freedom.
  • Why healing is good, but why wholeness is better.