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069: The Secret Sauce to Great Communication (feat. Jamie Winship)

Knowledge without understanding can also breed isolation. We stay safe and stuck in our bunker of “truth” but never step-out in an attempt to see from other people’s perspective and meet them at that point. The greatest leader of people ever, Jesus, did this masterfully. How can we move toward His way of approaching connection and transformation in the context of relationships?

This Week’s Featured Conversation…

Most of us live lives that simply conform to the patterns of the world around us. And even with the best of intentions, we tend to settle for simply mimicking what we perceive as greatness rather than pursuing a living knowledge and connected understanding that informs us about how to live in our day-to-day lives most effectively. So in our conversation with Jamie Winship, we’re going to talk about how to develop the perceptiveness, intuition, and empathy necessary to engage with the people in our lives in a more meaningful, wholehearted manner. The result? You will have the practical tools to powerfully connect with (and initiate) transformation with the people in your life.

This Week’s Quick Tips…

We’re talking with with renowned financial advisor, author, and speaker, George Wells, steps to engage in more meaningful connection with loved ones, clients, and co-workers. George Wells is the author of the brand-new book, Think Differently, available right now on Amazon.

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“I recently listened to Chris’ podcast with George Wells and man, does my inner voice need to change! What an excellent reminder on how to set yourself up for success daily and knowing this begins in the way we think about ourselves and our circumstances. I’m a victor not a victim! Thanks, Chris, for another excellent show!”

“So great to find a podcast that is both encouraging and challenging! It is professionally produced, yet still has an informal feel like I’m hanging out with Chris… And frankly, I’d love to hang out with him! I really appreciate his heart and have been able to apply many of his topics in my life to help me grow professionally, physically, and relationally. A+!”

“All of the subjects Chris covers are thought-provoking and relevant to improving the quality of life. From understanding our identity to learning how to deal with tough times in life, Chris brings wonderful ideas and concepts to the table. The episode titled, “the missing ingredient to your total success” may be the best podcast I have ever heard. Keep up the good work encouraging us all to totally embrace whatever life gives us.”