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070: How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge (feat. Clay Scroggins)

This week, author of "How to Lead When You’re Not In Charge," Clay Scroggins, is going to help us nurture our vision and cultivate influence, even when we lack authority in our organization.

This Week’s Featured Conversation…

Unless you’re self-employed, here’s an honest question: are you letting your lack of authority paralyze you? Most people I know have a desire to increase in their authority in the workplace. But one of the greatest myths of true leadership is that you must be in charge in order to lead. I’ll tell you this: the greatest leaders don’t buy into the myth. Great leaders lead with or without the authority and learn to extend their influence wherever they are.

So we have a problem: many people, maybe you, are frustrated with the fact that you feel overlooked for the promotion you want and unheard for the skills, talents, and ideas you have. Well today, author of How to Lead When You’re Not In ChargeClay Scroggins, is going to help us nurture our vision and cultivate influence, even when we lack authority in our organization. And I believe his message will free you to become the great leader you want to be so you can make a difference right where you are. Even when you’re not in charge.

This Week’s Quick Tips…

We’re talking with with renowned financial advisor, author, and speaker, George Wells, steps to engage in more meaningful connection with loved ones, clients, and co-workers. George Wells is the author of the brand-new book, Think Differently, available right now on Amazon.

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“So great to find a podcast that is both encouraging and challenging! It is professionally produced, yet still has an informal feel like I’m hanging out with Chris… And frankly, I’d love to hang out with him! I really appreciate his heart and have been able to apply many of his topics in my life to help me grow professionally, physically, and relationally. A+!”