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My Top 3 “Non-Negotiables” for a Great Life


Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by my awesome friend, Megan Rea, co-founder of No Small Life. Megan is a dynamic, sought-after communicator to thousands of young adults. Along with her husband, Chris, they are creators of the “Pursuit of Love” Conference. Her passion is to inject hope and see transformation take place in several areas of peoples lives. Those areas include relationships, health and wellness, personal style, personal growth and good ole’ fashion fun! Connect with Megan on Twitter and Instagram! Enjoy this great post!

megWell hello there. I’m Megan, and welcome to my No Small Life. I’m passionate about injecting hope into people and see transformation take place in every area of peoples lives.  I believe in celebration and living above your circumstances AND…

I couldn’t be more honored to be coming to you live from Chris’ blog. Chris has quickly become a great friend to my husband and me, so when he extended an opportunity to guest blog, I jumped at the chance!

And then, can I be totally candid…I freaked out just a tiny bit.

I’m in a season right now that I’m having to be a little fierce with the guarding of my time. I’ve got some things on my calendar and some things burning in my heart that are both requiring that one precious commodity: time. We live in a culture that glorifies “busy” and I just hate that. Busy burns us out and leaves us tired. Society stands up and applauds us when we knock a lot off of our to-do list and yet, we can still feel totally unfulfilled.

Busy is popular, but busy often keeps us from going after the most important things, and saying our “Best Yes” as Lysa TerKeurst so eloquently puts it.

Lucky for you, this isn’t an anti-busy blog post. I’m not going to give you 10 simple steps to streamline your life and make all your ‘busy’ magically disappear….for two low payments of $19.99. But this IS a blog post about helping you prioritize when the crazy of life kicks in.

I know life moves pretty fast. I know that to be true from a very reliable source.

Ferris Bueller.

However, when your world DOES inevitably start moving fast, what are those things in your life that you will ALWAYS say yes to? Those things you MAKE time for because they keep you grounded? I call these my “non-negotiables.”

“Non-negotiables” are those boundaries that you build into your life to keep you sane.

You can juggle a lot as long as you know you’re consistently carving out time for ________?

No matter what, these things are happening. No matter how the rest of my day, my week, my month goes…these will be my constants.

For me, I have 3 Non-Negotiables:

  1. My Morning Routine
  2. Date Night
  3. Girl Time

Non Negotiable #1: My Morning Routine

First up, my morning routine. It’s a necessity. Like breathing and Liquid Stevia. The routine I have in the morning keeps me sane and makes me an all around better human being. The people that know me the most like me to have my morning routine as well. It makes me nicer.

My morning routine consists of 3 things:

  1. Time with God. I like to get up early. Like stupid early. But to me, it’s totally worth it. When it’s still dark and quiet and it’s just me, Jesus, and a cup of coffee, beautiful things happen. I can hear better. I can be still, I can allow His Word and worship and prayer to continually shape me heart. Some days it’s joy-filled and exhilarating, some days its tear-filled or contemplative. But it’s always honest and its always fueling for my soul and spirit.
  1. Breakfast. Speaking of fueling. Ah, the most important meal o’ the day. We’re big green smoothie fans at my house. My hubs usually goes a more traditional banana, strawberry, spinach, protein powder, chia seed kind of route while I like to venture into the Pumpkin Kale and Tropical Cilantro And HERE’s a little shout out to all my Paleo friends, I’m looking at you Chris Cook.

Paleo. Hot. Cereal. What?!? Coconut Flour. Cashew Milk. Cinnamon. Stevia. Mind Blown! Here’s where I got the inspiration.

  1. Exercise. If you follow my blog, you know I’m an advocate of exercise. I workout at home with these DVD’s, these apps, my treadmill, free weights, and occasionally, I paint my nails during a workout (you know you’re curious). Working out in the morning not only boosts your energy and clears your mind, but it also gets it DONE before the crazy kicks-in and gives you an excuse not to exercise.

Non-Negotiable #2: Date Night

My husband (who is also a Chris #greatname) and I are big believers in couples needing a date night. Now this date night can and probably should look different throughout the weeks and the seasons of your life. The most important thing is to carve out time to connect, laugh, enjoy life together and remind your significant other what phenomenal taste they have in spousal picking. I’ve blogged about lots of different date night ideas that we’ve tried, everything from take-out in the park, to exploring model homes, the hunt for the perfect coffee shop, and breakfast dates. I’ve even made you a rockin’ playlist to set the mood. I got you covered.

Non-Nogotiable #3: Girl Time

Admittedly, this is my weakest area. But, its an area that I’m working extra hard to keep “non-negotiable.” A couple of things can happen when you don’t have built-in time for your friendships: you get lonely. Even if you’re busy, your life can get out of perspective pretty quickly, you can start putting unnecessary strain on the other relationships in your life. Anytime I ask my husband to be my girlfriend, it just doesn’t go well.

One of my best friends and I met for coffee a little while back. We came away from that hour totally renewed, connected and with life WAY more in perspective. We decided right then to schedule our next coffee date. That one was more like 40 minutes, but it didn’t matter. We were making it a priority. Can you find 40 minutes a couple of times a month? Can you make a phone call, shoot a text just to let your friends know they’re loved? And if you make them laugh really hard in the process, that’s a WIN! When you look at it like that…way more do-able.

Thanks for hanging with me today! And thank you, Chris, for the chance to chat with your awesome readers! I’d love to stay connected with your super cool self, so to connect with me, the blog AND get some ah-mazing free resources you won’t get anywhere else…just click here.

I’d love to hear your “non-negotiables” for when life starts moving.

Until next time,



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  • What a great team! I love the girl time: even now that we all have kids and have moved to different cities we get-together twice a year for dinners and drinks. Best therapy in the world!

    Thank you for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty! Looking forward to seeing you back next week.

    • Megan is AWESOME! I’m so glad you connected with us here! Blessings-

  • I love these… I need to have some no negotiables !! 🙂 thanks for the free download 🙂

    • Megan is great, right? I’m so grateful for her and Chris’ friendship. I knew this post would be great for a lot of female readers! Hope you enjoy the download! There’s a new one in the works, too. Thanks for connecting with me! Looking forward to adding value to your life.

  • Hil D

    excellent points. I need more date nights with my husband and girl time with my friends. I have two young ones and it can be hard to have time for all this but it is greatly important!

  • Adrienne Z. Milligan

    Excellent points! Date Night is the one I protect. When we don’t have a Date Night weekly, hubby and I can tell we missed it. Thanks for the free download. 🙂 ~Adrienne