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Get Unstuck. Reclaim Your Purpose. Win Today.

Get Unstuck. Reclaim Your Purpose. Win Today.

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It’s no secret that most of us have the desire for more influence, more responsibility, more appreciation, and if we’re honest, knowledge on how to get a raise in our current job. In my NEW E-Book, I’ll give you 9 Steps to Immediately Increase Your Value at Work. When adopted into your value system and implemented in your daily life, they will work in your favor on the job. Simply fill-out the form below and watch your email inbox for the free guide!  

“I’ve quite literally learned how to ‘win’ everyday by pushing myself to be the best I can be and trusting in the process it takes to get to where I want to be.” – R.S.

How Do You Respond to an Absolutely Messy Life?

Setbacks, disappointment, unmet expectations, and even moments of personal crisis are unfortunately part of living in an imperfect world. While a fatalistic view of life sets the stage for hopelessness, equally detrimental is living in denial when bad things happen. In fact, deliberately avoiding pain and discomfort at any cost […]

How You Can Successfully Be #1 at Being #2

I’m sure that at some point in life, you’ve felt overlooked, under-appreciated, and passed-over after having been relegated to some pretty tedious, monotonous tasks yet again when you have a desire to contribute on a much grander scale. And while simmering in that unrelenting stew of self-pity, disappointment, comparison, and […]

5 Communication Mistakes that are Destroying Your Relationships

Experiencing (or delivering) bad communication is like driving your vehicle into a brick wall. Allow me to set it up: you think you are headed in the direction of making meaningful progress until it becomes glaringly apparent that you are headed towards a collision. And like life, sometimes you can […]

5 Awesome Apps That Will Skyrocket Your Productivity

Motivated people want efficiency. Productive people want expediency. And motivated, productive people want, well, both. This I know about you: You’re a motivated, intentional leader in one way or another who’s eager to discover and develop your untapped potential so you’ll have a clear path to get from where you […]

Unlock the Strength You Need to Overcome this Disease

Millions of people around the world unknowingly suffer from an insidious disease known as “destination disease.” The most common symptom is the belief that when they achieve a goal, meet the right person, pay off their mortgage, graduate from school, make a certain amount of money, etc., they will be […]

HELP! Getting Unstuck in a Life that Never Stops Moving

Milestone birthdays. They represent both privilege and new possibilities as we move into new phases of life. Yet for some people, they are serious crisis moments where regret from past choices, emotionally traumatic memories, and major disappointment resurface to cloud the vision and motivation for a hope-filled future. Even if […]

How to Effectively Deal with a Lousy Leader

I’m certain that at some point in your life, you’ve had to deal with a lousy leader, be it a boss, other management personnel, or even a teacher. The unfortunate truth is that bad leaders contaminate an otherwise healthy environment. Some do it more obviously than others through aggressive, loud, […]

The Most Powerful Key to Unlocking Your Potential

I hate heights. I always have. In fact, I get jittery thinking about standing on the edge of a tall building (my stomach just dropped because I thought about it). But there’s actually something quite beautiful and powerful you gain by gazing across a city landscape from high atop a […]

How to Say “Yes” to What Really Matters Most

It was like watching a car accident take place, only I was the one driving the car. “Yes,” I chimed in as excitedly as a fourth grader on a snow day. “I can do that, too!” And like that, I couldn’t slam on the brakes quick enough. I wasn’t looking, […]

How to Effectively Build the Team of Your Dreams

Great teams are healthy teams. And healthy teams are growing teams. But great teams aren’t built automatically, nor are they guaranteed. Instead, they are built systematically and intentionally through careful planning, positive actions, and effective communication. Whether you realize it or not, if you’re married, you’re part of a team. […]