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Hello Team!

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to add value to your life…and to your team. I trust our time together was fun, informative, and empowering. I’d like to give you two additional gifts as my thanks for your time. Please click below to download each item.


eBook: Empowerment Starts with Me: 9 Steps to Immediately Increase Your Value at Work

Audio Teaching: Why You Need to Understand Your Personality Style (right-click/”save as” on the link to download)

While I have your attention, I’d love to invite you to partake in more of my FREE content. Of note, I host a weekly podcast, “Win Today with Christopher Cook.” Here’s the deal: many people are worn-out, stressed-out, and unsuccessful. “Win Today” provides a roadmap to help them get unstuck and reclaim their purpose so they’ll live confident, successful lives from the inside out.


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What Listeners Are Saying…

“I recently listened to Chris’ podcast with George Wells and man, does my inner voice need to change! What an excellent reminder on how to set yourself up for success daily and knowing this begins in the way we think about ourselves and our circumstances. I’m a victor not a victim! Thanks, Chris, for another excellent show!”

“So great to find a podcast that is both encouraging and challenging! It is professionally produced, yet still has an informal feel like I’m hanging out with Chris… And frankly, I’d love to hang out with him! I really appreciate his heart and have been able to apply many of his topics in my life to help me grow professionally, physically, and relationally. A+!”