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The Top 5 Most Read & Shared Posts of 2016 (so far!)

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Summer is officially here, and I couldn’t think of a better way to kick things off by inviting you to check-out my top five most read and shared posts of 2016.

Whether you’ve read them before or may have missed one (or all!), I’m really confident that the content within is an expression of my greatest passion, which is to see you unlock your God-given significance, make peace with an imperfect past, and take strides to develop your potential even more.

Here they are:

  1. A Journey to Freedom from Anxiety. If you’ve experienced (or are experiencing) chronic anxiety in any way, take a few moments, shut down any distractions, and hear me out. Whatever you’re currently facing, there is hope. And it all starts here.
  2. I Quit (and Why You Need to as Well). Whatever you have to do…just quit. The reasons for quitting are many, but in my estimation, the three concrete reasons contained in this post encourage you to pull the pin and throw the grenade upon your hectic life.
  3. Sex, Science, and Falling Out of Love. In this post, you’ll discover a broader perspective about the stages of your romantic relationship and a strategy to keep the fire alive, so-to-speak. Even more so, you’ll learn how to reconnect to your own proclivities and pursue healing in any wounded area of life that would jade an otherwise healthy decision.
  4. How to Become the Person You Want to Attract. Whether you and I realize it or not, we have attracted the people we currently have in our life, for good or for…dysfunctional. Furthermore, who we are becoming is whom we will attract—romantically, platonically, and even socially.
  5. Communists, Criminals, and Clowns? The State of the Union. It looks like this year’s election will be a showdown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And I rarely make public political commentaries, but three distinct perspectives are weighing heavy on my heart amidst this election season, and I would be lax in not sharing them with you.

There they are…my top 5 most read and shared posts from the first six months of 2016.

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